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Any Given Night We’ll Have:


  • Live Music – Local bands coming by and playing some classics
  • Pool – Newly furnished pool table. Occasional Tourneys
  • Karaoke – Saturday night singing at the tavern!
  • Live Sports – We play all the big games. NFL, NBA and MLB
  • Pull Tabs – Play for a chance to win some extra cash
  • Arcade & Pinball – We have an assortment of classics to play from



Ask Us About Our Daily Drink & Food Specials

Weekday Events


WednesdayPool League

Thursday Ladies Night

FridayBonefire Friday

Saturday Live DJ

Come Join Us!

At the Red Top Tavern, we have been serving beer, wine since it’s inception. And as of 2016 started serving cocktails and food. Located in Darrington, WA – a town that is overlooked by  White Horse Mountain and is famous for logging. Darrington is located between Sauk River and Stillaguamish, roughly twenty-five miles from the coast of Washington, and right in the middle of Highway 20 & 2, in the Cascade Loop.

Before Europeans came over in the late 1880’s The Sauk-Saiattle tribe was the first established residents of the land.
The area was known as ‘Sauk Portage’, ‘Starve Out’ and ‘The Burn’

By the 20th century Darrington was a thriving logging and mining community. During 1910, Darrington became known as ‘dry’ during the prohibition era. Because it was unincorporated, it was ineligible to vote in order to remain ‘wet’.

It wasn’t until 1951 that taxes showed that Red Top Tavern dates back to 1951, but in reality it is known in the city to date back to the 1930s. This bar has been a historic landmark for Snohomish County and remains a proud part of the community since.